Narrative Texts

The Strange Bird
     "I fell in love tonight. I tripped into a sea of compassion and forgiveness, yet deserved none. The atmosphere, indescribable in every sense of the word, is something that I have never felt nor care to feel again. Every single element of this wonderfully terrible place is so utterly charming and composed, and I am fully aware that I am the strange bird. The one that has managed to escape her comfortable cage of known safety, that has brushed gold paint onto her dull brown feathers, hoping only to unknowingly blend in a moment of bliss amongst the endlessly graceful swans and eagles on high..."

Inspired by an impromptu trip to a realm in which matters of deflecting one's identity to partake in matters concerning the ever-desired "ingroup" take center stage. The Strange Bird takes a reflective stance in analyzing the way a desire to conform can transcend familial bonds and provides an informal, internal commentary on the eventual shift of one's behavioral practices to further align and conform to gain a desired social status. 

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